Smart Home Kits Camera Set
Model CT868W
Series SH-5
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Camera Set with Burglar Alarm 

“Smart home kits”
 Suitable for home Accommodation or office space in moderate size. 
Install the camera in the center and place the sensor at various points.

Includedin the package

1.1 PTWIFI Camera

2.1 Magnetic Door Sensor

3.1 Smart Socket

4.2 Remote Control

Additional accessories with in the kit

1. Nutsand Bolts The camera can be attached to the ceiling or the wall.

2. CCTVCamera And adapter

3. Extenderto receive signal From other sensor devices is more accurate and wider.

    (Should be used when installing differentsensors to the CCTV camera.)

CameraSet with Burglar Alarm“Smart home kits”

Smart Security WIFI Camera

Alarm and CCTV Intelligent designthat is able to record audio. 

Live and interactive video andinfrared motion detection. 

To protect against intruders and towork with a variety of sensors. 

To secure your home or your residenceefficiently.

Just connect the camera to theInternet, it can start immediately. Onboth iOSand Android phones The CT868W-SH-5 has the followingcapabilities:

– Recordat High Definition at 1270 × 720 True day / night vision support

– Rotate the camera on the phone.Adjustable left and right 335 degrees tilt 90 degrees (pan / tilt)
– Thecamera comes equipped with sensors to detect motion in itself.(Built-inPIR Motion Sensor)
– Wi-Fiinternet connection
– Mobileand email alerts are available as soon as the sensor is activated.Compatiblewith
   Wirelessdoor and window sensors

Theembeddedmotion sensor. (Built in)Incamera 1 set Work with the camera immediately.

– FreeApplication on IOS and Android mobile viewing and alert immediately afterinstallation.
– Thecamera comes with speakers and a microphone, making the conversation betweencamera and mobile instantly.(Two-Way audio)

– Camera Dimensions ( 10x10.5 x 11 cm.)

Door / Window Sensors –  Magnetic Door Sensor

Magnetic sensors for doors and windows A sensor that uses two magnetic contacts to work together.

Installed between doors and jambs. 

Windows or drawers for door opening or isolation of the device. The sensor sends a signal to the camera. 

To notify through Mobile applications, email and camera rotation to that location.

The sensor is powered by a battery CR2032 3V 1 loaf can be used for 10-20 months. 

(Depends on the quality of the charcoal used. And there are test buttons to test the function of the sensor.)

Main Features

 Small, stylish design. ( 2.4 x 6 x 0.8 cm.)

 Button for testing and pairing equipment with CCTV.

 Status indicator light (red)

 Battery power warning light on (orange)

 Internal antenna

 Transmission distance of over 50 meters in open space.

 Battery CR2032 3V 1 loaf

 Easy installation using double-sided adhesive tape.

    Remote Control

Remote control for camera “Smart Home Kits” Can operate more than 50 meters in open space. 

Battery CR2030 1 loaf The device is made of plastic and rubber Remote consists of 4 buttons

• Lock key Or protection mode Used to instruct the camera system and the sensor to start. User enters this mode when leaving home or going to sleep.

• Unlock key Or unlock mode Used to instruct the sensor system to stop working. The user enters the home or when to wake up.

• SOS or Help Button. When you press this button The system will send alerts to mobile and email. And there is a voice on the camera “Smart home kits”

• Lightning bolt Or offline mode Used to temporarily shut down Causes the camera to be inactive and can not be opened from both inside and outside.

• Remote size ( 3.2 x 5.7 x 0.5 cm.)

Smart Socket

• Connected via Bluetooth to the camera “Smart home kits”

• Can be opened – closed Electrical equipment via mobile

• LED indicator Indicates the status of the power-on.

• Use good quality materials for durable use.

 Internal antenna

• socket size ( 6 x 12.5 x 6 cm.)